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Eco shopping in Las Vegas - Savers

Numerous green shopping choices exist in Las Vegas if you know where to look.
Numerous green shopping choices exist in Las Vegas if you know where to look.
Photo by Michelle Gresham

Las Vegas ranks up there with other travel shopping destinations with its mega malls and fashion boutiques, but did you know Las Vegas also has a variety of eco friendly shopping for those who like to live life on the greener side?  Coupled with destinations you will want to seek out anyway while visiting or living in Las Vegas, many of the green shopping choices provide good travel bang for your buck (or carbon footprint). 

One green choice anywhere you travel is used merchandise stores, or thrift stores.  Savers thrift stores have several locations in Las Vegas.  One recently relocated from Spring Mountain and Decatur to Sahara and Decatur.   Now larger and brighter, this thrift outlet has a huge selection of gently used merchandise to choose from. 

Reusing is one of the best ways to prevent unwanted items from ending up in land fill, and what is unwanted by one, may be exactly what another is looking for.  Another positive to buying used is that many thrift stores contribute all, or part of their profits to non profit organizations.

When traveling, used stores are great for picking up unusual souvenirs, or getting an inexpensive replacement for what you may have forgot to pack.  Thrift stores are also great for adding some pizazz to your household decor.  You are bound to find something for any genre of style.  From inexpensive plush curtains, washable bed covers, statuary, vases, serving platters, or wall art, all spotted over the weekend at Las Vegas’ best used merchandise stores. 

If you haven't tried thrift store shopping and have turned your nose up to the idea, one of the best places for first time thrift store shoppers is Savers.  There are several locations to choose from, but the one with the steadiest stream of consistently good stuff is on the southeast corner of Decatur and Sahara.  The trick to thrift stores is to check them out regularly.  Some days are a dud, and some are real scores.

Eco smart shopping at a discount, a win win situation for you and the planet, since both could use a break.

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