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Eco-products to consider

Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan
Bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan
photo: Paul Vlaar

Vital to a healthy, Eco-ethical, renovation or remodeling is choosing environmentally-friendly products. 


  1. Bamboo is a renewable material and widely available in several styles.  Be sure it's LEED Certified.
  2. Cork is a renewable material, sound absorbing, and very versatile.
  3. Marmoleum is a spin-off of linoleum and is supposed to be environmentally friendly.  Forbo is a conscientious manufacturer to consider for this flooring.  Another linoleum source, with PA roots in Lancaster, is Armstrong
  4. (FSC) Forest Stewardship Council certified hardwood that are collected in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. 

No-VOC Paints:

  1. These paints have no volatile organic compounds in the form of organic solvents that add to indoor air pollution and lower-level ozone build-up.  They are available at major home improvement stores.  
  2. Lowe's carries Olympic Premium Interior Paints which are zero VOC and dry without a residual odor.
  3. Home Depot sells Freshaire Choice paints in 65 colors and is also zero VOC and available as a drywall primer as well as an interior latex paint.

Energy Star qualified appliances and products:

  1. Tankless Water heaters
  2. Programmable Thermostats
  3. Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL's) are energy efficient and last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  4. Low emissive (low-E) glass lowers the transfer of heat through the glass and saves energy.
  5. Appliances from refrigerators to washing machines and air conditioners.

Home Depot Eco Options is a useful resource outlining green products that they carry and great as an educational tool. 


  • Jimmy G 5 years ago

    I chewed the paint on the window sill. Is that bad?

  • April 5 years ago

    I peeled (but didn't eat) paint off of the trim as a kid and I think I turned out OK, but if the sill had lead paint on it, I'd call your local Lead Investigator and buy a lead kit before you chew on anymore:)

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