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Eco-friendly spring cleaning is powered by steam

HAAN, Power of steam makes spring cleaning eco-friendly
HAAN, Power of steam makes spring cleaning eco-friendly

The sun has broke free from the dark, dreary winter. Even though the beautiful spring days are calling, the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning is a necessary chore. From purging the closets to scrubbing the house, these actions help the whole family feel better and makes the house look better. This year when tacking the spring cleaning think about the methods and products that are used. Are they eco-friendly?

Even with the wide array of eco-friendly cleaners, a better, chemical free way to clean is the use of steam. A steam cleaner can disinfect and clean all types of surfaces without the use of a chemical. HAAN, the steam experts, offers a wide assortment of cleaning devices powered by steam.

HAAN is the steam cleaning expert. With a wide array of devices, busy families can clean floors, carpets and bathrooms, quickly, efficiently and without the use of any chemicals. Since many families would prefer a device with multiple uses, the HAAN VersaPro BS20 is perfect for the busy family.

Here are a few facts about a HAAN VersaPro BS20 Steam Cleaner.

  • Uses Turbo Steam Technology to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites for a healthy home
  • 15 steam jets provide a wide cleaning path and reduce hot spots while focusing steam where it's needed most
  • Completely chemical free – uses 100% steam to safely clean and sanitize around children and pets
  • Burst of steam on the handheld steamer can tackle the toughest messes
  • Swivel head maneuvers in hard-to-reach spaces
  • Electronic pump provides continuous steam so there's no need to manually pump
  • Includes carpet glide to sanitize and refresh carpet with 2 reusable ultra-microfiber pads for extra cleaning
  • Quick 20 second heat up time

This type of turbo steam device is provides money savings for families as well. In a year, families spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning products. With the HAAN turbo steam products, no chemicals are needed. The initial purchase is the only cost since the device runs on the power of steam. No more clipping coupons and watching sales for deals. Family cleaning is fast, cost-effective and chemical free.

It is time to think before you clean. Get your house fresh and clean with products from HAAN, the steam experts.

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