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Eco-friendly skincare travel giftbag

HollyBeth Travel GiftBag Set
HollyBeth Travel GiftBag Set
Photo courtesy of HollyBeth Natural Luxury

Different time zones, weather climates and just the rigors of flying can wreck havoc on your skin while traveling. I look for products that serve multiple purposes. So when I find a skincare line that not only makes my skin feel good and puts me in good mood, I know the product is a winner especially if it's eco-friendly.

Recently I brought a travel giftbag of HollyBeth's Natural Luxury skincare with me on my latest adventures in Alaska and Switzerland. The pack included environmentally-packaged products that I could take with me in my carry-on bag. The sweet deal was that each lotion or cream was only 1/2 oz. so they slipped easily into the ziplock bag required for fluids.

Sure I could have brought my regular drugstore brands in smaller containers with me but sometimes it is nice to treat yourself to something special without a big pricetag attached to it.

Each travelset includes Marigold & Sweet Basil Shea Butter, Rose & Geranium Face Moisturizer, Citrus Body Cream, Butterfly Lip Nectar and a sample of both the Flourish® Perfume and Wildflower Dry Oil. Plus it is only 20.00 which would be a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

My favorite of HollyBeth's skincare line is the Rose & Geranium Face Moisturizer. Not only does it make your skin feel soft and silky but the smell is so intoxicating. I especially love to put it on at night before I sleep as a little aromatherapy sleep-inducer. And did you know that Rose Geranium oil is known to decrease aging in skin? Another reason why this face cream makes my "A" list for traveling.

I am a big fan of her products for several reasons. We already covered how they make my skin feel but another compelling reason to support such a great female entrepreneur is the vision of her company mission statement:  "Our mission is to create luxurious body products from natural and organic ingredients; to play our part in making this a better world by donating to charities that make a difference to us all, and above all to support fair trade practices while achieving our goals."

HollyBeth's products are:
• Hand made in Atlanta with love and passion
• Creams are made with certified organic ingredients – each product is a minimum of 95% organic
• Artisan-Crafted from family recipes
• Environmentally Sustainable