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Eco-friendly dog competition fetches for more contestants

Celebrity dogs pose and hug on a Red Carpet
Photo by Gary Gershoff

The Philadelphia Water Department is seeking two more dogs to promote clean waterways for the Juniata and Lower Moyamensing areas in this year's Philly Water's Best Friend Competition.

Pooches alongside their owners compete on a scale of cuteness and earth-consciousness (owners: you don't have to be cute) and must prove that eco-friendly practices are incorporated into the duo's daily routine. Most importantly, the owners must understand the importance of picking up and properly discarding dog waste.

Although animal waste is a natural fertilizer, it does more harm than good when it gets into our water. Dog waste causes excessive aquatic plant growth that clogs waterways, and increases the production of algae leading to oxygen depletion. Dog waste also carries harmful, disease-causing bacteria.

To compete, the dog owner must fill out the 2014 Spokesdog Registration form and answer questions like: "Does your dog have any special achievements or certifications?" and "Is your dog aware that his/her poo can pollute our local waterways if not picked up?"

Winning dogs will be named ambassadors to the City, and will speak at three events throughout the year (owner help is greatly appreciated). The winning dogs will also become celebrities, getting their photos placed on multiple advertisements, websites and brochures.

For more information, visit the Philadelphia Water Department's spokesdog competition page:

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