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Eco-friendly pizza restaurant in Houston

Pizza lovers in Houston feeling guilty about the environmental impact their pizza addiction is causing the earth can finally breath and eat a little easier thanks to Pizza Fusion. Pizza Fusion is a chain of eco-friendly pizza restaurants founded by Michael Gordon and Vaughan Lazar in 2006. Houston is lucky enough to have one of them.

Pizza Fusion isn’t just talking the green talk it’s walking the walk too. All Pizza Fusion restaurants, including the one in Houston is built, “according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards set forth by the United States Green Building Council” (Pizza Fusion). The restaurants counters tops are made of recycled bottles. The floor is made with reclaimed wood from Pearland high school basketball court. The walls are insulated with reused jeans. The walls are painted with low VOC paint. The restaurants furniture is also made of recycled material. The in store graphics are printed on banners made of recycled material and with non-VOC ink. The stores are cleaned and sanitized with eco-friendly cleaners and the restrooms are supplied with 100% post consumer toilet paper. The grey water system in the restrooms recycles waster water from the restroom sink to the toilet and reduce the amount of water used by “1/3 of our restaurants’ water waste annually” (Pizza Fusion).

In addition, the restaurant’s menu including the pizza is also eco-friendly. The topping meats contain no preservatives or hormones, the chicken is free-range chicken, the pizza crust is gluten free, and the cheese is 100% real cheese. The utensils and serving containers in the restaurants are biodegrable and made of either corn (serving containers) or potatoes (utensils). The pizza delivery vehicles are hybrids.

The eco-friendliness doesn’t stop at organic and LEED certifications either. Pizza Fusion also donates money to environmental causes in the community, provides employees working more than 20 hours with health insurance, and saves its customers a 10% discount when customers bring back their pizza boxes to recycle them.

Pizza Fusion is located at TX-249 & Louetta Rd., Houston, TX 77070. Call 281-251-7323, E-Mail: or logon to Pizza Fusion online for more information.

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