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Eco Experience in Las Vegas - The Springs Preserve free Saturday

The Rotunda at the Springs Preserve, one of Las Vegas' greenest attractions.
The Rotunda at the Springs Preserve, one of Las Vegas' greenest attractions.
Photo by Michelle Gresham, 2009


There is no denying that Las Vegas is hot in the summer, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the sites and sounds of what the city has to offer.  With the right preparation and itinerary, you can have a great day even when it is above 100 degrees.  The Springs Preserve is offering free admission to the museums and attractions this Saturday July 17, 2010 and the facility offers the perfect combination of both indoor and outdoor activities for a full day staycation. 

Visiting the Springs Preserve also allows you to contribute to the "green" cause by choosing activities that benefit the environment, or support companies whose missions are eco-aligned.  One of the best all around eco family destinations in Las Vegas is the Springs Preserve.   Pathways wind in and around water efficient landscaping and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certified buildings.  This means an extraordinary effort went into the construction of the facility.  Construction waste was kept to a minimum, recycled products were used in the building material and several energy efficient systems were installed to maximize cooling in the summer and warming in the winter.  Even the building's positions were calculated to take advantage of sun and shade seasonally.  The structures covering the parking lot are the park's solar panels producing electricity from Las Vegas' ample supply of sunny days.

Eco friendly air conditioning units cool the great displays in the museums.  The largest museum is the Ori-gen Experience which has three galleries and an outdoor area with native animals.  Be sure to see the film at the right of the entrance of this museum.  The film will explain exactly why the Springs Preserve exists and its importance to all the “ologies” you can think of.  Biology, anthropology, geology, ecology and archeology just to name a few.

The Sustainability Gallery is another museum on property that houses exhibits and interactive displays about sustainability.  Kids of all ages will enjoy all the galleries and love the hands on exhibits.  Don’t miss the Nature Exchange, which is on the way to the Sustainability Gallery from the Ori-gen Experience.

The Springs Preserve teaches locals and tourists alike, the real history of Las Vegas, the future of Las Vegas, and what it means to be sustainable in the Mojave Desert.  This is accomplished through interactive museums, over three miles of trails and eight acres of botanical gardens.

The Springs Café by Wolfgang Puck is upstairs and can be accessed easily near the entrance/exit of the facility.  The menu is diverse but all entrees are made with the same philosophy of using organic, local and natural ingredients.  The hamburgers, pizzas and kids menu items are worthy of recommendation.  The portions are enough to share making it an economical treat.  Step out on to the balcony to see the excellent view of Downtown Las Vegas, where “the city” all began.  You can also get an appreciation of how beautiful this property is, right in the middle of urban Las Vegas.

The free admission is being offered this Saturday July 17, 2010, but if you would like to avoid the crowds, visit any day, the admission price is worth the experience.  For more information visit


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