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ECO-centric for the EGO-centric

Have you ever noticed something new on a route that you drive on nearly everyday? And of course, once you see it you scratch your head and wonder – “How did I miss this!?” Well, I had this experience recently and I must say that I am amazed that I had driven by this place for so long without noticing it.

The lay of the land at Eco Chic Boutique -- offering clothing, jewelry, accessories, handbags, shoes, coats, formal evening-wear, Prom dresses, and more...
Geneva Garcia - Compliments of Eco Chic Boutique, Dyer, IN
Gold Links - jewelry set of earrings and necklace.
Geneva Garcia - Compliments of Eco Chic Boutique, Dyer, IN

Now that this “place” is on my radar, I need to give it a shout out. This article is about a new boutique, Eco Chic Boutique, in Northwest Indiana aka. the Region for all of you Region rats.

Eco Chic Boutique is owned by Diane Gross and Trish Caruso, and is located in Dyer, IN on Route 30 in the Galleria Building. This boutique specializes in finding designer and name brand clothing that has been gently used -- to say the least. Eco Chic Boutique markets itself as an upscale consignment shop and that is 100% accurate.

Eco Chic Boutique offers new and nearly new clothing, jewelry, and accessories for the ecology conscious and the economically savvy shopper. Eco Chic Boutique also invites artisans and jewelry crafters to display their works with the boutique on a consignment basis.

What makes Eco Chic Boutique different than other similar boutiques? That answer comes in three parts. First, the owners are enthusiastic about fashion. Second, the owners are dedicated to offering superior customer service. Third, the owners are both enthusiastic and dedicated to the philosophy of promoting a culture of recycling. Their philosophy stems from acknowledging the one thing that gets all women into trouble -- we love to shop but often times we are left with a closet full of treasures that we will never wear again.

One item that reappeared throughout the boutique caught my eye… It is an item that most women only wear once, the infamous Prom dress. Prom is just around the corner and Eco Chic Boutique has quite the selection. I definitely checked the quality of these garments and noticed that the beads and sequins were intact; the dresses were nearly new and likely worn only once. Aside from Prom, Eco Chic Boutique also carries a large selection of formal evening-wear and cocktail dresses. Again more attire that falls into the realm of things we generally only wear one time, to one event, where a picture was taken, and we will never wear it again.

Lastly, I will of course share the fact that I did make a few purchases of my own at Eco Chic Boutique -- pictures are in the accompanying slide show. I bought a gold link jewelry set (necklace and earrings) that resembles the Tory Burch monogram pendant, and a sienna-colored, three quarter sleeve, Max Studio wrap. All items were purchased in total for under $35.00.

Overall, I would describe Eco Chic Boutique as your older sister’s closet with the exception that you are actually allowed to wear the clothes. It is basically like receiving the hand-me-downs that you get excited about it, i.e.) everything is gently worn, nearly new, or new and brand named or designer. I recommend stopping into this boutique because there are a lot of treasures waiting for a new home. It is like the old saying but modified – One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Essentially, one woman’s last season wardrobe is another woman’s this season wardrobe.


The owners of Eco Chic Boutique encourage women to clean out their closets; by doing so you can put some cash in your pockets from the cleanout proceeds. That being said, Eco Chic Boutique allows women to sell their unwanted clothes and accessories to the boutique.

If you are interested in selling your clothing please call in advance to make an appointment and to see what the boutique is accepting at the current time. Some tips include selecting your IN-SEASON, IN-STYLE, and GENTLY USED clothing. Make sure each item is freshly cleaned and pressed. The better your items look, the more money you can make.

For more information regarding Eco Chic Boutique, please visit the boutique's website below:

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