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Echos of Bing reverberate throughout Del Mar

It is now the time for our races
It is now the time for our races
Sarah Gonzalez

There is no finer athlete than the Thoroughbred thundering around the track at Del Mar. Only thirty-six unique events to admire the beauty of the strong mounts which gallop through the wind perfumed with ocean salt air and cooled by the Pacific Ocean just a stone’s throw from the track.

Oh boy here we go again

Beginning in 1937 the races have thrilled those who take the time to admire their perfections. Some 77 years after Bing Crosby, Pat O'Brien, Gary Cooper, Joe E. Brown, Charles S. Howard and Oliver Hardy built the thunder dome, Del Mar seems an enigma with attendance still growing while the country’s other arenas are flagging.

Perhaps it’s just luck that people flock to Del Mar each summer, more likely it is hard work by the brain trust of the Thoroughbred Club designing pageantry and events which draw in the big crowds which are youthful and vibrant and ready for the party of the winners who gather in the winner’s circle after each race.

Many patrons are from “out of town” and come in on the Amtrak, planning to stay for the entire season. They can revel in all the greatness that is San Diego. Beautiful settings and fine hotels and great motels host the guests who look beyond the track to partake of San Diego’s museums, theatres, and festivals all just so perfect because it is San Diego which even in summer is perhaps the best spot on the globe for all the excitement of the season.

San Diego is becoming a Mecca of stylish eateries brew pubs and clubs for your enjoyment. There are places to enjoy intimate times with rather great musicians and dine on outstanding foods with the likes of Ingrid Croce herself the epitome of success in both food and music production.

If you’ve got the time, I have the place for you to enjoy life because it just doesn’t get any better. Come to San Diego for a glimpse of what paradise truly is.

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