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Echoes of Pink Floyd return to rock Jackson!

Echoes of Pink Floyd perform in Jackson
Echoes of Pink Floyd perform in Jackson
Echoes of Pink Floyd

Echoes of Pink Floyd, Michigan's own premier Pink Floyd Tribute experience, has built a supportive fan base in Jackson by playing often at the historic Michigan Theatre, and they will return to rock it again this Saturday, January 25th. Fans new to the tribute band, or even new to Floyd's music, might be surprised at the lengthy history of Echoes of Pink Floyd, who have been entertaining Michigan audiences since their early days as The Surrogate Band in 2004. With a myriad of Pink Floyd tribute and cover bands on the market, including Brit Floyd, The Australian Pink Floyd Tribute, Laser Floyd, and Wish You Were Here, just to name a few, it is worth noting the unique flavor of having a tribute band for this excellent, timeless music from right here in Michigan.

Echoes of Pink Floyd have gone through a number of changes in their time as a group. Besides the name change several years ago, there have been several line-up changes over the years as well. One of the biggest periods of adjustment has occurred more recently, as all but two of the members of the current band have joined up in only last year. New members include Tommy Foster on lead vocals and guitar, and twin lead guitars from Bob Motcyka and Aaron Holland, who both cover the unforgettable leads and solos of the great David Gilmour. The addition of the new guitarists allows for a twin lead and guitar harmony to be worked in that had not previously been a part of the band's sound. The band has also recently added keyboardist Matt Riddle, originally from Akron, OH, who brings a Floyd-specific sound and mood to the performance. As always, the band is excited to present the biggest laser show of any Floyd Tribute.

This time around, Echoes will play an evening of music that again features their famous Dark Size of Oz during the first set and a collection of Floyd hits during the second. The Dark Side of Oz is based on the 35-year-old urban legend that pairs Floyd's 1973 masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon with the visual of the classic 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz for the effect of the series of cosmic (or not-so-much) coincidences between the two. If you've not had the pleasure of checking this out, I do suggest you look into it.

Everyone from original fans to those who've just discovered this legendary band and its songs are sure to appreciate the chance to celebrate and experience these songs in a live performance. If this weekend's performance is even half as strong as the band's 2011 and 2012 appearances, the audience is in for a great night of excellent music, and with the new members ready to bring their personal styles to the stage, there's a good chance this one will be even better.

Echoes of Pink Floyd plays at The Michigan Theatre in Jackson on Saturday, January 25th at 7pm.
Tickets can be purchased here.
Check the band out on youtube and facebook as well!

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