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Ecclestone condemns Jerez test week as a farce

Bernie Ecclestone in Bahrain 2012
Bernie Ecclestone in Bahrain 2012

While regular motorists are complaining that the new hybrid cars are too quiet, and as a result pose safety problems for both pedestrians and ther drivers who “cannot hear them coming,” 83-year old Bernie Ecclestone, has made a a lot of noise condemning the new engine rules imposed by F1 for 2014, calling the “a farce.”

"People want noise -- something special, that's what F1 is all about," he railed.” Now we have quiet engines and nobody on the track."

Often refered to by the British Press as “F1 Suremo,” the continuously outspoken (and often controversial) Ecclestone is currently the president and CEO of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration and through his part-ownership of Alpha Prema, the parent company of the Formula One Group of companies. As such, he is generally considered the “primary authority in Formula One racing.”
He also noted that the new regulations demanding that all new cars for 2014 have turbo-powered V-6 engines have proved a disaster during the Jerez test week, highlighted by Red Bull’s (almost total) inability to run the new car.

In fact, Red Bull’s drivers Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo only managed to complete a mere 21 laps with the RB10 over the four days of testing, due to numerous problems with the power unit and over heating, which engineers tried to cure by opening up extra vents in its sidepods. Still, Red Bull’s Christian Horner tried to remain positive that they could overcome much of their difficulties by the next test in Bahrain.

Ecclestone, however, remained unconvinced about the new season and the choices made by the FIA.

"They insisted on these new engines," he said. "If they wanted to race like this they should go to Le Mans."

He also complained that limiting each driver to just 100 kilos of fuel per race just doesn’t “compute.”

"Mercedes are taking 23 trucks with them everywhere. If they really wanted to save fuel they should stop that."

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