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Ebooks Verses Physical Books

Books have been around for centuries and they were invented for a number of purposes such as to educate or to entertain the reader. In the 21st century ebooks have become very popular in which one of the more popular ereader devices in the Kindle by Amazon. Amazon's most popular ereader is the Kindle Paperwhite. This is a very unique device because there is no need for a book light to read in the dark in comparision to a physical book where a book light is needed to read in the dark.

The debate between Ebooks and Physical Books
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Physical books seem to last for ages, while ereaders change constantly, for example there is the Nook by Barnes and Nobles, Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon and a Kobo ereader by Kobo. Many people reading books on ereaders, but people also read on tablets such as Apple's Ipad and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and reading on a tablet gives the reader the wonderful gift of reading a book, but they can also have the ability to look at a video on Youtube for instance.

Physical books have many benefits as well, such as the ability to physically hold the book in one's hand, which for some readers can make them closer connected to the book. Physical books also look nice as decorations. The stories that are placed in the pages of a book look wonderful in an office, study or on a bookshelf in a bedroom.

In conclusion, books whether physical or electronic are still important in the current 21st century. Books are written to educate, entertain, and to get the reader to think and help to shape their lives. No matter the format, physical or electronic, books will be very important for centuries to come.

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