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eBook review: The Simple Easy Diet by Judy Zerafa


Judy Zerafa (Courtesy of Judy Zerafa)

The collective societal groan is almost audible. "Just what the world needs—another diet book." In this particular case, perhaps that’s exactly what the world needs in the form of Judy Zerafa’s new ebook, “The Simple Easy Diet”.

Most life-long dieters know that the bottom line of achieving an ideal weight boils down to maintaining a balance of calories consumed versus calories expended. Those same life-long dieters know how many tangled threads of emotional eating, childhood angst, conditioned plate-cleaning, trigger foods, body image, and mental barriers serve as obstructions to achieving that seemingly simple calories in/calories out equation.

Zerafa, a motivational speaker and best-selling author, in a concise 49 pages, deftly cuts through these complexities. She first acknowledges the need for a personal plan to achieve a goal weight; then outlines—as the book title promises—simple processes for reprogramming issues that have stymied long-lasting success.

The processes (or exercises) offered by "The Simple Easy Diet" are straightforward and simple, but not simplistic. They require focus and a dedication to doing them daily, but require only a small amount of time and virtually no money. The big question is: Will they work? Zerafa’s own words probably hold the key to that. “…if you are able to commit to the exercises … and stay with them, you will see your eating patterns change.” In other words, similar to most programs, it will probably work for those who persist in working it.

At a reasonable $9.99 and with a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, The Simple Easy Diet is a no-lose offer that is hard to refuse.

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  • whiteshoulder 5 years ago

    The key to any diet is sticking to the plan you set out for yourself. This diet sounds simple in itself and is available as an e-book which is easy. No waiting or shipping and handling. The price is very reasonable. Having seem many e-books offered on line the price is affordable. And with it a 60 day money back guarantee, where most only offer 30. At least you can really get to see if this is right for you since there is not such a limited time factor involved. Good luck and may the pounds disappear and become a well toned figure for you!

  • Dawn 5 years ago

    Great review on this book. You are my steady supplier of invaluable education for my mind and body, and alas, my funny bone. Thank you for another great insight and a new source of information.

  • Katrina, Atlanta Alternative Spirituality Examiner 5 years ago

    I love your honest reviews - they are great! Agreed the key to any success is commitment and without the commitment to change lasting success will not come.

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene, OR. Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    Great post! What is life but a bunch of plans? Your review of this ebook brings that thought into focus.Tx