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Ebook popularity and rise in sale of e-devices

Ereaders are becoming popular for reading e-content
Ereaders are becoming popular for reading e-content
Photo by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

Lower prices and the ease of handling and storing seem to be boosting the popularity of ebooks as notable rise in their sales is being reported recently from various countries.

Last week, The Guardian reported a rise in the number of ebooks produced and sold in Europe and abroad. The paper informs that Russia has become the third largest ebook market in the world in 2013, US and China still leading ebook market. Russia replaced the UK with respect to the number of ebooks sold. Brazil and China continue to report increase in ebook popularity and sales.

In the UK, famous grocery Sainsbury’s is now giving away a large number of free ebooks, as GoodEReader editor Michael Kozlowski wrote in his blog. The offer is specifically meant for kids shopping at the store and can get a free ebook of any of the three titles available for free download after purchasing a pack of Sainsbury’s own-brand cereal.

Several reasons account for the popularity of ebooks including lower prices, ease and speed of shipping, and convenience of storage. While opinion is divided over the quality f reading experience of print versus ebooks, experienced readers would argue that ereaders used for ebooks give a better reading experience than reading on computer. VISTA recently wrote about half of American population now having a hand-held device for reading, including ereaders and tablets.