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Ebola, Time to Shut America’s Border Backdoor

A Hezbollah Created Tunnel
A Hezbollah Created Tunnel
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

There are currently a handful of people being tested and treated for the Ebola virus in the United States. The President has stated the Ebola outbreak in Africa should be treated seriously and the CDC has declared it an international health emergency. While the United States takes every precaution to quarantine and treat patients in medical facilities, what about the back door policy? America has a backdoor of entry, it is called the Southwest Border, it is 1,538 miles in length, and much of it is left wide open.

The known facts exist: Terrorists and Drug cartels gain entry into the United States through the open borders. They use Mexican migrant assistants (Mules) to help their cause. Some mules are elderly, many are teenagers and children. If enemies of the U.S. wanted to cause damage they could gain entry a few different ways. The Border Patrol is fairly equipped to detect many types of illegal entry, weaponry, drug transport and cartel activity; and they do a good job at it. Yet, because of the nature of the open border, many undocumented individuals live among us. Caution regarding the open border and infiltration of disease is not fear-mongering, it is real and is already occurring, Border Patrol agents are becoming infected with diseases from south of the border.

If terrorists wanted to complete mass destruction on American soil would they need to explode a bomb? While it could be possible to make a dirty bomb laden with Ebola, it is not necessary. Ebola could quickly spread like wildfire and before the plan is ignited, it could already be too late. It may not take a dirty bomb, or any bomb, to cause destruction to America. It would only take a few undocumented entrants contagious with the Ebola virus.

Consider the scenarios: A handful of undocumented Mexican mules are paid to assist a terrorist organization. They submit because their gratuity will assist their families in the event of their deaths. They are infected with the Ebola virus and given instructions. One is to be arrested by non-suspecting Border Patrol agents. One is to sit in a hospital emergency room for as long as possible. Several are to go to university campuses, malls and grocery stores. Another is to fall so ill that Paramedics must be called on scene. One more is to attempt to become arrested by Police. In these scenarios hospital personnel, other patients and America’s first responding Border Patrol, Fire and Paramedics and Police could become first infected; followed by American citizens at local shopping venues and school campuses. Still another scenario exits which could involve infecting children with Ebola and sending them across the border on missions; and troves of children pass through the U.S./Mexico border unaccompanied each year (60,000 in 2013/14).

While undocumented Mexican mules could transport the virus, the scenario could also be undertaken by Jihad savvy terrorists, attempting suicide in a covert fashion. While the Jihadists may be robbed of the glory of sudden suicide bomb explosion, they could be motivated by what they believe is Allah’s will, the belief they will obtain eternal afterlife, praise from their families and 70 virgins in paradise. The United States Intelligence Community and Congress have already cited the known Mexican Drug Cartel and Terrorist Connection with organizations such as Hezbollah (Iran). These organizations have already infiltrated the United States.

These are all intense scenarios, but it is important to understand - those that enter the United States illegally, in all cases, try to fly under the radar. Their utmost concern is being detected and thus deported. Even without the element of terrorist threat, illegal entrants can spread disease due to their fear of obtaining medical care at a hospital. When sick people fly under the radar, undetected and difficult to locate, disease can infiltrate a society unaware. Thus, an underground society can advance a super-bug without the medical professionals' knowledge. There will be no data, no statistics. There may be no way to determine who or where the individual is that has spread the disease.

Infection control experts have stated Ebola is not as contagious as may be believed. It is not believed to be airborne, and the reproductive rate may be "zero." The WHO announced in April, 2014, the virus is transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids, (broken skin and mucous membranes); yet, can also be contracted by indirect contact with contaminated environments, contact with a deceased person having died from Ebola, and by infected animals. Other indicators reveal that Ebola has spread from pigs to monkeys that were in separate cages, and they never had any physical contact. One American doctor, while not experiencing symptoms of Ebola, placed himself under a 21 day quarantine upon returning to the U.S., wary he may have somehow contracted the virus and able to spread it. Ebola is quickly spreading and Mexico may soon become more than a breeding ground for the virus, while it is not time to freak out, it is advisable to consider scenarios and plan ahead. The time to establish greater border precaution is now. Medical professionals and aid workers are trying their hardest to assist, take precaution and protect the nation; but the backdoor needs to be slammed shut in all efforts towards National Security.

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