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Ebola outbreak continues

Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leonne
Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leonne

The Guinea Ebola outbreak continues, and has killed 59 people and continues to be monitored for possibly crossing borders.

According to the World Health Organization press release, Guinea notified WHO of "a rapidly evolving outbreak in forested areas that are south eastern." There has been "86 cases" reported, among the victims were "4 health care workers."

Nearby regions indicated in the press release have, "suspected cases in border areas of Liberia and Sierra Leone, [which] are under investigation."

The Liberia border which is south of Guinea, may have been breached when it was reported "a group of people crossed the border from Guinea," searching for medical help. Apparently Liberia suspects that 5 people have died due to the Ebola outbreak.

Sierra Leone, also south of Guinea in Africa was put on high-alert today. It is believed that the Ebola virus crossed its border. So far the Sierra Leone's Chief Medical Officer, Brima Kargbo said, there are no confirmed cases in their country, but "what we do have are suspected cases which our health teams are investigating."

Ebola has no treatment or vaccine available to stop the deadly virus, and much of a person's survival depends on the strain of the virus, according to the WHO.

Seven samples were sent to the Institute Pasteur in Lyon, France from Guinea, which 6 samples tested positive. The WHO is working with other emergency networks who deal with dangerous pathogens to control the situation, and are "deploying additional experts to support the Ministry of Health of Guinea.

A WHO spokesman, Tarik Jasarevic, reported to the United Nations at a Geneva meeting that the worst strain has been confirmed.

It was feared that the Ebola virus had migrated into Canada after a man had traveled there from Liberia when he was hospitalized for like symptoms. He was placed under strict quarantine, but has since tested negative. A spokesman for Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose, Michael Bolkenius confirmed "the test was negative."

So far WHO reports, "the situation is rapidly evolving and reported figures are likely to change, " as the Ebola outbreak continues.

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