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Ebola outbreak: 59 killed after Ebola outbreak in West Africa

An Ebola outbreak in West Africa is responsible for the death of 59 people so far. On March 23, The Inquisitr reported that the spread of the virus is likely according to authorities. With 90% of infected patients succumbing to the disease, this highly-contagious virus is severe and many are on high alert.

"The lethal virus has infected 80 people in the Guinea capital city of Conakry and three other towns, and 59 of those recorded Ebola cases have resulted in death, all in the past 41 days," reports The Inquisitr. Authorities fear that the virus has already spread into neighboring Sierra Leone.

The Ebola outbreak is making people very, very sick. Symptoms of Ebola Fever include vomiting and diarrhea as well as a high fever coupled with intense muscular pain. Unstoppable bleeding is also a common symptom. Patients are being treated by health officials wearing protective bio-hazard suits since the virus is so contagious. One might contract Ebola just from touching an infected person.

As for how the outbreak might have started, research shows that infected animals (mainly bats) are usually the culprit. A confirmation of an infected animal in direct relation to this outbreak has not been received.

This Ebola outbreak is the first ever to be recorded in West Africa according to The Inquisitr.

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