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Ebola numbers vastly underreported in West Ebola Outbreak; broken links restored

NIH: NIAID Flickr Creative Commons Open Public Use

The numbers of Ebola victims are vastly under-reported according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Doctors Without Borders indicate that hospital beds are in short supply at all locations. A doctor on radio station NPR on Monday incorrectly reported that flight passengers should have no worries, because the virus cannot be spread unless it is visually symptomatic. However, this is speculation, NOT a known fact. Furthermore, Ebola particles can adhere to surfaces, inert, for indeterminate periods of time, during which they may come into contact with a new host. Let's imagine that for a moment, shall we? Hospitals are warned to treat patients with Ebola symptoms or exposure as a potentially airborne hazard, according to a chat transcripts between the WHO and hospitals published on the WHO website, and confirmed independently yesterday by a San Diego nurse.

Earlier this week, an Examiner review was published on the 1994 Bestseller on Ebola and related viruses, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. The book is a primer on the Ebola Virus, its cousin, the Marburg virus, and its sisters, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Sudan. The book is an especially important read, in light of the West African Ebola virus outbreak currently at large, which is has currently killed 1229, with almost twice that many currently affected.

Good sanitation and avoidance of contact with bodily fluids, along with isolation of victims exhibiting symptoms of Ebola, is advised. Many people exposed to it have not caught it, and many who have caught it have survived.

For More Information:

CDC updates information on August 19th:

CDC call confirms airborne Ebola precautions on 8/5/14 in conference call with hospitals:

Who confirms on 8/16/14 that the numbers are 'vastly underreported':

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