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Ebola: Everyone is Going to Die

Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus
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People calm down. There has been a storm of hate and stupidity swirling in social media and beyond about bringing the American doctor and the American missionary who contracted the disease back here to treat it.

The heroic African doctor who was on the frontline fighting this illness in Sierra Leone has died.

Yes, this is a scary thing. The cure might be quite simple.

Just like the bubonic plague. Modern day folks can say with a certain air of superiority: don’t eat food from the garbage with flea-infested rats.

And wash your hands.

But now, in the midst of the outbreak, people are correct to be worried.

Not enough to block treatment of anyone, especially our citizens who are infected and through their recovery (let’s pray) can provide insights and possibly an antidote to Ebola

And if any of you are worried that you might be on the wrong side of an issue, check with the shy, retiring Donald Trump. If you agree with him, you are a pompous liar with no heart.

But we digress slightly.

The two Americans are being brought to a facility equipped to handle highly infectious diseases. Their sad situation will provide access to study Ebola for some of our finest doctors. (None of who serve in Congress and don’t understand basic biology. Thank you and don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

If people want to obsess about anything, how about Ebola is asymptomatic in the beginning. Or someone flew into West Africa aboard a plane with 200 other passengers and crew and was infected with the disease. Presumably, many of them boarding other planes.

We know these two heroes returning to get well have contracted Ebola. We don’t know who has it and is flying around the world.

Thank you Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan.

Thank you Dr. Kent Brantly.

Thank you Nancy Writebol.

For all of your brave work.

And Donald Trump, it takes no courage to bleat screeds into Twitter.

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