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Ebola death toll exceeds 1,000

Ebola continues to claim more victims with a death toll that has now surpassed 1,000 in West Africa, according to a report published by on August 11, 2014.

The World Health Organization, a branch of the United Nations, is responsible for tracking the disease and during a news release today, it said the death toll had reached 1,013 individuals. Deaths have been reported in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Nigeria might also be added to the list, according to official sources.

Medical organizations are working hard to contain the disease to the four countries where known cases have been verified and deaths reported. The spread of Ebola to Nigeria is particularly troublesome because Nigeria has such a large population.

Ebola is an infectious and often fatal disease. The virus causes high fever, internal bleeding, and vomiting. Symptoms usually begin with sore throat, muscle weakness, and headaches. Once the virus is contracted, it can be very difficult to recover and death rates can reach up to 90 percent.

Here in the United States, there is only one reported case of Ebola so far. That one victim is an American doctor, Kent Brantly, who was working in Liberia when he came down with the disease. He was flown to the United States and is being treated in Atlanta.

There are no other known cases of Ebola in the United States but concerned parents and others are not taking any chances. Ebola is spread through contact with the skin or bodily fluids of an infected animal. It can also be contracted through contact with an infected needle or infected surface. It isn’t as contagious as other diseases, but with a fatality level approaching 90 percent, it is understandable that no one wants to take any unnecessary risk.

Updates and official information on Ebola can be found by visiting the World Health Organization online.

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