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eBay sellers: use eBay Markdown Manager to spur sales, excite buyers and move inventory

Run a Sale!
Run a Sale!

Markdown Manager

If you are an eBay seller and you have an eBay Store (if you do not, you should....but that is another article), do you know you have the ability to run a sale within your eBay listings using Markdown Manager?  And, it is FREE!
eBay's Markdown Manager can help you spur business and sell slower moving inventory.

Everyone loves a sale!

To start a sale, you need to go to the "Manage My Store" link, and on the left side of the following screen you will see "Markdown Manager" link under the Marketing Tools section of the navigation bar. Select this link. Click "Create Sale" button to start the sale set-up.

Choose a title (only you see this, so make it descriptive so it makes sense to you). Pick your start date and time, and the end date and time. You can not exceed 45 days.

Choose your discount. You can select a percentage (for example, 10%) or you can set an amount to discount the original price by (for example $5.00; this would take $5.00 off each item you choose for this sale).

Choose your listings. You can add all items from a Store category if you wish, or you can add all active Store listings, or you can add all active Fixed Price listings, or you can Select listings individually. This is probably the option you will use most frequently, if you wish to target different products at different times.

Next, you can promote the sale. You can pick which of your eBay Newsletter groups receive the notice of the sale. To do so, just check the boxes next to the newsletter title. You can also edit the email they receive. I STRONGLY recommend that you do this, so that the customer sees a personalized message from you instead of the standard eBay note that they see from every other seller setting up a sale. This is a perfect time to stand out in the crowd, to make a more personal connection to your buyer, and to make them remember you. Why not do so? PLEASE do not miss this opportunity to dazzle your buyers!
Once you have created the sale using these steps, and you click "Create your sale", it will go live. Your customers will see a slash through your regular price and the new, lower price will be displayed. eBay's graphics are bold and exciting to the consumer, which is meant to cause excitement at the sale and result in a purchase. It really works, I use Markdown Manager quite often.

Some tips to remember:

  • Price sales can not be applied to auction style listings
  • Free shipping discount can be applied to any listing
  • 5% to 75% is the range of the sales percentages you may use
  • You can get an overview of your sales (active and inactive) in your Markdown Manager
  • If you have a Basic Store, you can discount 250 items in one day. 2,500 is the limit for Premium Stores

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