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eBay seller's link to remove an unpaid item strike has been removed; here is how you can still do it


We've all experienced the situation, when you have sold an item on eBay and the buyer doesn't follow through with the payment.   When this happens, eBay has an Unpaid Item Process in place a system so you can notify eBay of the issue and they will reimburse you your Final Value Fee.  When you do this, the buyer gets what is called an Unpaid Item Strike on their account.

However, sometimes the buyer does in fact come through with the payment, even after your deadline, and you are able to complete the sale.  We've heard a variety of reasons for this happening, and truthfully we don't really mind.  It is a sale after all, someone has just given us payment for one of our products.  Life is good!

When this happens and you are able to complete the sale, it is good business to have the Unpaid Item Strike removed.  Previously, you were able to find the link to do this in the Resolution Center on eBay.  But recently eBay has removed that link.  When I noticed that, I contacted our eBay Account Manager who explained that the link has been removed.   Sellers are no longer able to remove the strike themselves. 

So, when you are in this situation, email your Account Manager (or if you do not have your own eBay Account Manager, email eBay customer support) and explain the details.  They will remove the strike on the buyer's record for you.

It makes sense from a seller's point to notify your buyer that you have done this for them.  They will appreciate their buying record being free from blemishes, and they may just return to shop with you again on eBay.

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