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eBay's CEO John Donahoe took listeners question on eBay Radio

During the May 25th, 2010 broadcast of eBay Radio, John Donahoe, the CEO of eBay inc. was shielded for the entire second hour of the program.

Donhoe was late to arrive to the program.  There was no official reason for his lateness except at the end of the hour when Donahoe stated he was late because h3e was making eBay better for you.

Almost immediately after his arrival Donahoe jumped right in with both feet to speak with listeners.

Donahoe's first call came from Jeannie in Portland where she shared with him her concerns about using free shipping on her items but yet search results that are displayed in gallery view in her category (clothing) by default do not display free listings which would help promote her item which could lead to more sales.

Donahoue also received calls from eBay meetup group organizers inviting him to their meetings as well as eBetsy inviting him to the eBay Radio party in Las Vegas this June.

Donahoe spoke about the notion he has heard from many sellers on eBay called "Abusive Buyers". He states it is clear to him that eBay is not doing enough (and can be doing more) to communicate with bu3eyrs on what eBay is doing to protect them from abusive buyers.

Donahoe also heard from listeners about sellers wanting to be a a part of daily deals and compliments about the eBay departments calling sellers.

To listen to to Donahoe on eBay Radio, please visit,2010.html and listen to or download segment 6.




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