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eBay Queen: Should I ship an item to my neighbor, or just hand deliver it?

Aboriginal Didgeridoo in the Key of C 52 1/2 Inches Hand Crafted Eucalyptus SOLD: $200.00
Aboriginal Didgeridoo in the Key of C 52 1/2 Inches Hand Crafted Eucalyptus SOLD: $200.00 eBay seller: attricedc

Dear eBay Queen:
I just sold a beautiful crystal bell and noticed while making the label that the buyer lives in my same city and zip code. I used Google Maps to see how close she was to me, and not only is she in my city and zip - she is in my same subdivision two streets up! I am wondering what I should do. She has already paid for the item with shipping cost. Should I just mail it to her, even though we have the same mail carrier, or message her and ask if she wants to do a local pick up and I refund her the shipping cost? What would you do as a seller? What would you want as a buyer?


Dear Charlene:
How awesome is that? I’ve sold to people that live in the same town, and once I sold an item to an auctioneer who bought an item from me that I bought at an auction he held. In a situation like this, I would be inclined to ask the buyer if they would like to meet you and pick up the bell, or if they would rather you just send it to them.
Here are a couple of things to keep in mind that if you do meet your buyer:
• eBay will not refund the shipping final value fee to you even if you refund it to the buyer.
• Take an invoice with you for her to sign, just on the off chance that she claims she never got it. She will be able to file a case and win if you do not have proof of delivery. If the item is over $200.00, you will need more than just a signature. I would suggest that you meet somewhere that you can photocopy your buyers drivers license and your drivers license together to prove it was delivered.
If I were you, I would put a cute note in the box about being neighbors, and go ahead and mail the package.

Strange eBay item of the week: eBay Item: 271326815936 Didgeridoos are one of the most unique musical instruments I've ever heard. I wouldn't want to ship one, but there are a few on eBay! Aboriginal Didgeridoo in the Key of C 53 1/2 Inches Hand Crafted Eucalyptus SOLD: $200.00

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