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eBay photography trick - pool noodles in boots

Pool noodles make boots look great in photos.

Ever tried to sell a nice pair of leather or hiking boots on eBay? If the boots are tall, it can be a challenge to get a good photo where the boots aren't flopping over or slouching. Unfortunately, not everyone has a human model handy to fit into every pair of boots they may want to sell. You could shove newspaper or plastic bags in the boots to help them stand upright, but that can look bulky and awkward - and not a great way to display the boots to the buyer. Some clever fashionistas have solved that problem for us.

Use pool noodles to keep boots upright. Get some clean styrofoam pool noodles, cut them the same height of the boots, and place them inside the boots. (Works great for ankle boots, too.) This is also a great way to store boots before shipping to keep them from wrinkling. Look for pool noodles at the local thrift store, or buy on sale during the summer months anywhere that sells pool supplies such as WalMart, Target, Walgreens, or even the grocery store.

Another great use for pool noodles that eBay sellers can appreciate is to use them as packaging material. Cut to fit around awkward shaped items to cushion when shipping or cut in small pieces or chunks and use as filler. If you can get pool noodles for free at garage or yard sales, this is more cost effective than buying packing peanuts.

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