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eBay & online sellers: the best & easiest ways to prep clothing before taking photographs

Jiffy Steamer
Jiffy Steamer

If you are an online seller of clothing, either new or gently used, you know that taking photos of the item can be one of the most time consuming aspects of the job.  And we all know that great photos (notice I didn't say simply "good", we want GREAT) really help to sell the item and drive up the final price.

One of the biggest problems with photographing clothing is the wrinkles.  How do you deal with them?  Well, through trial and error we have found that the best way to quickly remove wrinkles is to use a steamer.  Don't bother ironing the garment, it is too time consuming. 

A good quality steamer makes all the difference and can make prepping the clothing a breeze.  Our system involves hanging all the items on clothing hangers, and then steaming them.  Think production line--move them through the system quickly and efficiently.

When you go to purchase a steamer, please take my advice and purchase a good quality steamer.  The personal handheld steamers that are available at your local big box stores are not a wise investment.  We have owned several, with bad results.  They tend not to last, they do not hold much water so you end up filling it often (and then waiting for it to heat back up), and they drip. 

I'd recommend you make the investment and purchase a commercial grade garment steamer by a known brand such as Jiffy Steamer, Rowenta, Haan.  These steamers will last and last.  They heat up nearly instantly and they hold a large amount of water so you can steam, steam, steam as much as you need without refilling the jug.  Check eBay or other online venues for great deals on garment steamers;  you may find gently used steamers, which are perfect if they have not been used much.  These items last for years so you will still have plenty of useful life left on a gently used pre-owned steamer. 

This tip has really helped us to speed up the prep of our designer clothing that we sell online at Dream-Adventures.  I am sure this will help you as well!  Please check my other articles for more simple eBay selling tips