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Ebay online auction site is a victim of an identity theft breach

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According to The New York Times on Wednesday, the Ebay online auction site became a victim of an identity theft situation and concerns of the cyber security of its 145 million users would be to take action. Encrypted passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, birth dates, and names have been compromised.

The upside to this situation, since credit/debit card information had been stored separately, there's no real concern when it comes to this kind of sensitive information. However, the only real course of action a user should take is to change the password to their eBay accounts. Also, if customers are concerned about a breach in their PayPal account, there's no reason to fear there either. It was also not included in the beach.

Though, this attack on eBay is not a major concern, this can be a first step to an attempt to obtain information from non-computer savvy types. Phishing attacks are what come to mind since this kind of data mining of user information can lead to emails sent to users who could be tricked into following its directions. Instructions that could lead users to clicking on links that would lead them to malicious sites where they are prompted to enter their personal information such as their social security numbers, passwords, and other sensitive materials.

Social engineering, which is mainly performed over the phone, is another form a "phishing". With phone numbers acquired by cyber criminals on eBay, they can feel free to make random calls to users posing as an eBay employee and then attempt to acquire pertinent secure information from a user. That being said, please be mindful of your inbox and unidentifiable phone calls.

It has been discovered through reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that hackers had gained access to the internal network of eBay. From there, the cyber criminals acquired sensitive data from the online auction site's own employees. That was the point where access was made to it's 145 million users.