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eBay Marketing Gone Social

eBay is at the top of the social marketing game by providing direct "clicks" within each listing so that members can easily “share” items.
For years eBay has allowed us to market our items with a "share" button which is still in place making it easy to send the listing directly to any email. It used to be called “forward to a friend” and now it has evolved with the changing online styles as everyone knows it is better to “share!”This is a fantastic change that I've not heard any one complain about! Go figure!
Now, the newest change is the ability to "Retweet" listings! This means eBay listings can be promoted even easier into the twitterverse which then in return creates more traffic to eBay items in hope that more people will purchase and/or view other items while they visit!
I suggest all users take advantage of this handy tool and help out fellow sellers to promote listings making them go "viral" spreading the word throughout the land! Kind of like paying it forward only in this case you will be paying it forward by tweeting, retweeting or adding it to your wall on facebook! Give your followers something to talk about!
Suggested items to share:
• A recent purchase
• An interesting auction
• A charity listing
• A great deal
• A fellow seller
When you visit an eBay item, look for the “share” button which is usually located below: “other item info” and you will notice a drop-down arrow. When you click on that a box will open under it as shown below:

eBay On-Location Orlando FL
danna crawford

It is very simple to click on it and connect eBay with a twitter and/or facebook account.
The newest addition to the eBay platform is the “Reteet” option and this can be found after you click on an item directly from twitter. The link on display in twitter takes you directly to the listing and then in the upper left side of the listing you will see this message:
When you see that message I highly suggest you show the “twitter love” and retweet the item! I know firsthand from my own research that when I tweet out an eBay item I can expect between 17 to 150 visitors to my item after I’ve tweeted it within one day’s time! The visitors will slow down as the day goes on but they will continue for several days after the tweet has been sent. I do have a large network of followers at about 27,000 so it does indeed help to spend some time building a twitter network.
Because of this form of social marketing on my eBay items I’ve been able to gain more:
• Subscribers
• Sales
• Bids
• Watchers
• Questions
Today’s to-do list:, build up a twitter account with quality followers and grow your network on facebook. Then “share” those items on eBay!

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