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eBay is the ultimate way to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose

Reusable canvas shopping bags are good sellers on eBay.
Reusable canvas shopping bags are good sellers on eBay.

It is easy to improve sales on eBay when you know what to look for, and even easier when sell-able items are already in your home. We hear this all the time, but are you aware of how many items in your home can be sold on eBay to people who are really passionate about recycling?

Toms shoes are popular in the world of the environmentally conscious. Not only do the used shoes sell well, but the dust bags can sell for about $5 each. Look on Pinterest and you'll see the creative ways people are using them.

Ever heard of a store called Lululemon? They sell rather expensive yoga and fitness apparel. Customers receive a cute tote-bag with motivational quotes with each purchase. These bags can sell for $4 each on eBay.

Pampered Chef, Home Depot, and Target reusable shopping bags also sell well. Look for these at thrift stores and garage sales and sell by the lot. They are easy to photograph as well as easy and lightweight to ship.

If you have overbought reusable canvas grocery bags, and they are piling up in your trunk or laundry room, consider selling them by the lot.

You won't become a millionaire selling reusable bags on eBay, but you will be doing your part to keep perfectly useable items out of the landfill, and helping a customer find something they want. Everybody wins.

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