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eBay as a source for information about silver

Based on the number of "hits" on the various Internet sites to which I contribute, a lot of people out there are searching for information about silver. One site that contains helpful information but which might not show up on the first page of your search results is:

Many of these guides have been written by eBay sellers and often provide helpful information to eBay buyers. A number have been written on the topic of silver and some are very helpful. Here are a few examples:

The reader of guides like this should understand that an author may or may not be an expert on the topic. And there is no guarantee that the author is unbiased. The bottom line is that the guides can be very helpful but other sources should be checked for verification purposes.

To search for a guide covering a particular topic, visit the web site first mentioned in this article and click the "radio" button for "Search for Guides". Then enter your search criteria at the top and click the "Search" button. You may see a long list of results.

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