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eBags meet every travel need

pack and go with one bag
pack and go with one bag
Carol Stigger

I once met a gentleman who said of his lovely, gracious wife: I can take her anywhere; I can even take her to the White House.

My dog, Homer, thinks he should go anywhere, everywhere, but he stays home with the dog sitter.

I think I should be able to go anywhere with one carry-on suitcase. I failed to meet that goal until I tried eBags Mother Lode roller bag. It has pockets and zippers to accommodate all the gear of a travel writer who once traveled lightly with paper and pencils and a change of clothes.

The world changed. Along with the growing entitlement of dogs, writers have a growing list of gear. Thanks to the Mother Lode, a laptop case is not needed: it fits in a zippered compartment on top of the bag. The Mother Lode is sturdy enough to protect my camera, camera equipment, phone, electronic reader, and fragile finds along the way. Murano glass vases made it home safely!

The bag expands, and has a velcroed moveable divider in the middle of the bag. Perfect for a two-person journey or to separate clean clothes from the "gently used." It has a small zippered compartment by the handle that accommodates the 3-1-1 quart size zip lock bag the TSA is so picky about. I spent an hour exploring packing possibilities. Once on the road, I found even more possibilities. Thanks to a waterproof lining, the first zipper compartment on top of the bag is a safe place for a wet swim suit.

eBags (google their on-line store) has a bag for every traveling need. Even if you are going to the White House (Hillary take note.)

I thought the sturdy zippered-away strap was superfluous as I did not have to attach another bag to my eBag. But after Homer thoughtfully chewed on it without leaving a mark, I realized I could attach it to his collar. I don't know what Homer thought, but I had a sweet little fantasy of walking him down Les Champs Elysees in Paris.

Then, the dog sitter showed up and I packed again for real. I am now a happy packer. One suitcase and I'm good to go -- anywhere and with ONLY a roller bag that fits in the overhead bin.. (Places my luggage has been that I have not is another story.)

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