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Eazy E fans petition Universal Pictures to include his son in N.W.A film

Prince of Compton
Prince of Compton

A petition to Universal Pictures, Dr. Dre, Tomica Wright, F. Gary Gray, Matt Alvarez, and Will Packer to include one of Eazy-E's sons in the new upcoming film N.W.A. Biopic 'Straight Outta Compton' was created after many Eazy-E fans took to Facebook this week and posted their upset and even angry responses to the news that actor Jason Mitchell has been cast to play Eazy-E.

Many Eazy-E fans believe that it is unfair that Ice Cube's son has been chosen to play in the film but none of Eazy-E's son were included in this movie. Several die hard Eazy-E fans voiced that they will not watch or support this film if none of Eazy-E's children are included in film. Eazy-E supporters debated on whether Jason Mitchell looked like Eazy-E. Many commented that he does not look anything like Eazy-E. Fans from Compton also feel that an actor with ties to the city should be included in film not an out of state actor. Fans passionately continue to insist that the best person to play Eazy-E would be one of his sons because they resemble him the most, have a similar voice to his, share many of the same mannerisms, and have charisma just like his.

A tremendous amount of comments on the petition speak highly of Eazy-E, some state that it is disrespectful to not include any of Eazy-E's sons in film, and others question the fairness of having one of the original N.W.A. member's son in film but not having Eazy-E's family equally represented. Petitioners are organizing to gain more signatures on this day old petition. Eazy-E's family members, close friends, and fans are taking strides to bring attention to this subject in hopes that one of Eazy-E's sons will be included in film. To sign petition and leave a comment click on link above.