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Eating with the Ecosystem Dinner this Monday!

Dogfish crostini
Dogfish crostini
Eating with the Ecosystem Dinner

For an informative yet fun dining experience, check out the Boston Area Dinner Series — Eating with the Ecosystem on Monday November 4 at 6 pm at Tremont 647. Guests will learn more about buying and consuming sustainable seafood and get a better grasp on where area seafood comes from and which local species are most abundant. Boston chef and commercial fisherwoman Sarah Schumann, who is the creator of Eating with the Ecosystem, will be there to share all the details at this meal, which has a focus on Georges Bank ecosystem.

“The dinner at Tremont 647 will allow diners to use all five senses to get in touch with the Georges Bank ecosystem. While Chef Andy Husbands presents a menu that showcases a wide diversity of fish species found there, a marine scientist and commercial fisherman will evoke this vibrant ecosystem through stories,” said Sarah Schumann, founder of Eating with the Ecosystem and a recipient of a Toyota TogetherGreen by Audubon fellowship, which is helping to make the dinner series possible.

“When diners commit to eating local seafood, they should also commit to understanding their local oceans intimately. It is not enough to just eat locally; we should use local seafood as a gateway to a new way of nurturing the sea's wild food-producing ecosystems for the future,” she explained.

The Cocktail reception starts right at 6 pm followed by dinner at 6:30 pm. Tickets are $33 per person, excluding drinks, tax, and gratuity. There is also a suggested donation to Eating with the Ecosystem of $10. Reservations are available through the restaurant at (617) 266-4600.