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Eating vegan-food giant makes "Sooper" vegan burger

A Simple Truth brand Meatless Patty sauteed in a pan just like an old-fashioned hamburger
A Simple Truth brand Meatless Patty sauteed in a pan just like an old-fashioned hamburger
by Vincent Gerbino

The face of retail food markets in Colorado may be changing when it comes to good-quality vegan burgers. The Examiner tested Simple Truth™ brand Meatless Patties this week. Simple Truth is food giant King Soopers’ brand of organic and natural foods. The brand owns a big slot in the non-dairy milk area and is found all over the frozen food aisles.These eatless patties are truly a breakthrough that will allow King Soopers to compete for real with high-profile veggie burgers.

In the world of veggie burgers, there are countless choices. In fact there are so many different kinds of meatless burgers, that it stops being about vegan food and starts being about different combos you like. Most dedicated vegans say eating veggie burgers isn’t about compensating for meat that they miss. Critics of vegans sometimes accuse vegans of missing meat and substituting for the meat they miss by buying veggie burgers.

People eat vegan for different reasons. Sometimes it’s about health, sometimes it’s about ending animal abuse. Usually it’s a loose combination of both ideas. Folks who give up meat for whatever reason will likely still associate certain meat-based meals with good times, such as hot dogs, and of course, hamburgers.

So to eat a veggie burger that truly tastes like meat will get different reactions from vegan and non-vegan critics. But the bottom line about Simple Truth Meatless Patties is that they taste delicious. Many vegans don’t miss meat but if they like a diverse spread of foods, they will likely miss meat’s texture.

King Soopers really put in some effort with these meatless patties. The list of ingredients spans 23 lines-all natural and easily identifiable. The ingredients go way beyond soy protein and wheat gluten (they do contain both of these). They contain ancient grains like amaranth, millet, Khorasan wheat and barley. There is also potato starch, pea protein and vinegar, among other natural ingredients.

Simple Truth meatless patties will ramp up the competition for veggie burgers that taste like old-fashioned hamburgers and which feel like hamburgers when you chew them. These can compare side by side to Garden Burger Originals and Boca patties. They beat Morningstar Grillers because unlike their popular rival, (do which taste and chew like meat burgers) they don’t have artificial ingredients.

The recommended method of cooking Simple Truth Meatless Patties is to sauté them in pan, quite convenient if you’re not into grilling when it’s cold out. They fry up beautifully in a skillet with just a drop of oil, just like an old-fashioned, greasy hamburger with absolutely none of the guilt. The simple truth is, these meatless patties are a sure winner.

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