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Eating to heal


Eating for healing

So many times Americans eat for pleasure and not for healing.  Food in it's very essence was created for pleasure and healing.  The planet is full of healing foods, that are rich in antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. The smells, textures, look and taste of food in itself brings satisfaction to all our senses.  But when you  are thinking about eating healthy or for healing does those words come to mind.

Here are a few things you can consider when choosing a more healthy lifestyle that also includes enjoying the foods you are consuming each day. 

  1. Make your plate colorful.  Try to choose foods that you like that will include the colors of the rainbow. Think juicy oranges,  sweet and crunchy orange carrots. Purple egg plants, super green and watery cucumbers. These foods are filled in vitamin C, antioxidants and many other healing vitamins.  Eat red, yellow and dark greens. These foods protect  the body against cancer, heart disease, and low immune response.
  2. Search the Internet for new and creative recipes.  Buy a new cook book. Choose cookbooks that will give you ideas to prepare  whole food  meals.
  3. Eat more whole grains.  Try quinoa, millet and spelt.  These grains are high in fiber and protein and are not usual in American cuisine, however they are very tasty.

Eating for health is essential.  The foods we consume  affects every cell in the body and in turn every organ in the body.  Food gives us the energy our bodies need to run at it's optimum.  Food also affects our mood and emotions. Eating foods high in B vitamins,  can help with increase energy, relieves depression, and poor concentration. Research has shown B-12 vitamins to help manage cancer, especially in tumor growth.  Food sources of B-12 vitamins are cheese, chicken( skinless), sea greens, yogurt and fish. Healing foods should be consumed in every meal. So, the next time your have a common aliment think to look in the refrigerator for healing before the medicine cabinet. Here are few things you can eat when those common ailments come knocking on your door.

When you have a  cold eat fresh and steamed veggies, fresh fruits and fruit juices. Brown rice, mushrooms(shiitake) To boost your immunity, oranges, peaches, avocado, brussels sprout and asparagus.

If a headache comes on suddenly try eating apples and apple juices, cranberry juice, cherry juice( helps with inflammation).  If you feel nausea eat potatoes,  use spices like, turmeric, nutmeg, cinnamon and basil in your dishes.

Food was created for enjoyment, but also for our healing and longevity.


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