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Eating Sugar the Right Way

Stop Sugar Cravings Fast!
Stop Sugar Cravings Fast!

Cleveland, OH – September 21st, 2010 – Before you try your next weight loss plan or the latest fad diet, come attend this informative virtual workshop aimed at teaching you how to reduce your sugar cravings and to eat sweet foods in enjoyable ways without affecting your weight or your energy. Why suffer eating foods you don’t enjoy or buying packaged “diet food” that you really don’t care to eat? The workshop, How to Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings, will be held via teleseminar on September 22nd, 2010, from 8pm-9pm EST.

This virtual workshop explores the effects of sugar on the body. Since Americans, on average, consume 576 cans of sugar-based soda per year, causing multiple health conditions including diabetes and obesity, it is imperative to learn about healthy alternatives to improve your health and energy. Participants will gain a greater understanding of why we crave sweets, how sugar decreases our energy and the cycle of sugar addiction. In addition to understanding why we overindulge in sweet foods, participants learn what alternatives exist to the typical refined sugars we find in junk food, candy bars and other unhealthy snacks.

Angela Minelli, Certified Health Coach, facilitates this workshop. She works in North Olmsted, Ohio and has a private practice, coaching clients on how to reach their goals for health, weight loss and stress reduction. Additionally, she presents workshops and lectures on living a healthy, balanced life. Please contact her for more information at her website,

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