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Eating Sexy

So many of us know that sex sells.

We are bombarded with messages all the time that food can make us sexy: diet soda, yogurt, and all sorts of fabricated and junk food that are paradoxically designed to toxify the body and promote weight gain.

We live in a time when there’s huge amount of pain and challenge around weight gain, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating – along with an endless amount of dieting.

The women of the world have received a message that the right food and the right diet will lead to sexiness. The false promise is that they’ll be loved and adored if they’re sexy. If they eat the right food and follow the right diet, they should somehow have the keys to the kingdom and all they desire - love, connection, approval and value.

But by placing yourself in this mindset, you’d actually be pushing away the very things that you want to be receiving by being sexy. So many people end up in disordered eating, contraction, shame, guilt, they stop loving their body, and they abandon their own sensuality – all in the name of chasing after a very elusive goal.

In reality, something else is going on when it comes to or efforts to use food and exercise for sexiness. Don’t hold off being sexy for some imagined future date when you’re somehow qualified to be sexy because you hit a certain number on the scale. Own sexy now.

Tune into this video to learn more about this fascinating topic with Marc David here:

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