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Eating nutrient dense on a budget

The Local Grocer
The Local Grocer
Sheila Tarantino

Nutrient dense eating means just that: Eating foods that have a high nutrient density or foods that are among the healthiest foods available, having the most nutritional value to the body per calorie than other foods.

There seems to be a lot of talk about how eating healthy or nutrient dense foods is an expensive way to eat because high calorie, nutrient low foods are so cheap. While it is true largely due to these foods being government subsidized, eating nutrient dense foods like produce can be done within a budget.

The most current popular trend in eating healthfully is greens, which are nutritionally dense. Eating greens are not a new idea but the idea of putting them in smoothies is. It is also one way to get a nutrient dense breakfast, the meal that competes with a lot of nutrient weak choices.

Nutrient dense eating is affordable

Getting more nutrient dense foods like produce into the diet is not just a lifestyle change for some people but dealing with the thought of it being more expensive is what isn’t necessarily accurate.

There is a way to eat nutrient dense foods and keep within the household budget.

A rule of thumb is: Do not pay more than $1/lb. for produce items.
How this is done: Buying what is on sale at your local grocer and/or eating what is in season.

There will need to be some planning done around the foods in this category, but some planning is always necessary in eating healthfully. Finding recipes from friends, family or online sources ( is a good way to build excitement around eating these high nutrient dense foods as a way of life. Finding just a couple of really great recipes is worth the work and can become a new healthy tradition

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