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Eating local with Farm to Hearth

A delicious creation prepared by Farm to Hearth
A delicious creation prepared by Farm to Hearth
Sue Muldoon

While wandering through the tables of mouthwatering produce at farmer’s markets statewide, it’s quite easy to become famished. Depending on which market you are shopping at- you might have another option besides devouring all the tasty goodies in your bag. Many markets offer prepared foods, but many prepared food vendors don’t use local ingredients - however buying from local food producers not only helps to foster a sense of community, but saves in fuel costs, supports the local economy and ensures that the food is as fresh as possible. When surrounded by so many farms, why not utlize the bounty available here? Farm to Hearth, owned by Todd and Melissa, solves that problem by offering delicious flatbread pizzas prepared with locally-sourced ingredients at 7 farmer’s markets state wide - cooked in their copper-topped, wood-fired oven. When ordering from them, don’t expect a plain cheese and tomato sauce pizza (although during tomato season - you might find an heirloom tomato pie), these delectable pies feature locally-grown and seasonal produce as well as dough made from locally-grown wheat. With toppings such as heirloom beets with chevre and dill; chorizo sausage with heirloom onions, peppers and mozzerella; and maple-roasted fennel with sage and a nutty local cheese, these pizzas are sure to delight!

Todd and Melissa have just recently acquired an additional wood-fired oven-this one not for pizzas, but instead intended for baked goods. Chocolate chip cookies and granola featuring chocolate from Massachusetts's chocolatier TAZA have already been introduced to the mix, with bread expected to be added soon. Todd is already planning a menu of a high-quality whole wheat loaf in addition to seasonal loaves such as roasted sweet potato and roasted turnip.

In addition to many special events throughout the state, such as NOFA’s Taste Organic, Burnside Craft Beer Festival and Connecticut Garlic Festival, Farm to Hearth can be found at the following farmers markets:

For more information, check out their website, or just stop by next time you’re at any of the above-mentioned markets. Once you taste one of these delicious flatbreads, you’ll be hooked!

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