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Eating healthy, with easy meals

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Many people are trying to eat healthier these days. For good reason. Obesity rates are high, in adults and children. People are undernourished, even when they eat all their meals, so many are not getting in enough calcium, vitamin D, and other important nutrients, even when they are eating so-called "healthy" foods.

And forget about no-fat, low-fat, and lite foods. Think about what they are replacing the fat with. Fat is essential to a good diet. Going overboard is not the answer but good fats, such as olive as olive and coconut oils, are an excellent way to add this to your daily diet.

Should we be all nit-picky and not eat anything that is not nutritious? Will it really hurt us to go out for an ice cream once in a while?

Who knows? It is important that we try to eat basically good foods for optimal nutrition, but doing so is not always affordable. All we can each do is the best we can.

One thing is for sure, eating in a mainly unhealthy manner is not nourishing our bodies properly. And, by not eating nutritiously, we are not as healthy as we should be. We are not feeling well a lot of the time. So, let's try to eat as healthy as possible the rest of the year, and see how we feel. Maybe we will want to continue.

It is never too late to join a challenge. Try one of these.

And there are plenty of ideas in these articles.

Tell us how you are progressing with your healthy eating goals in the comments below. For more recipes and ideas, visit the Frugal Recipes blog.

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