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Eating healthy during your 3rd trimester

By your third trimester, long gone are the feelings of nausea and if you are craving something you’re going to eat it and there is no one that can stop you!

Although your cravings and emotions are running parallel to each other, it is still important to keep them in check to stay healthy and avoid common third trimester symptoms.

The health of your baby still largely depends on you. After all, they are still developing and receiving nourishment from you. This is when they start storing fat (let’s make it healthy fat). What you do in your pregnancy largely affects your baby’s health and vitality once they are born—you are creating their future.

Foods for you and your baby:

  • Whole Grains high in protein

Buckwheat keeps you feeling full for a long time without feeling bloated. It is full of magnesium which will help keep those leg cramps at bay.

It is also a great source of protein, also important for your growing tyke. This also ensures a healthy production of milk.

It’s gluten free!

I like to add honey, fruit and flax to my breakfast cereal. It keeps me going throughout the morning.

Teff is also high in protein (more than wheat) and is a great way to get protein without eating meat. It has a nutty, rich flavor and is also plentiful in iron, calcium and thiamin. Teff is also high in fiber and gluten free. You can find teff in both the grain and ground up like flour.

  • Flax Seed

These omegas (healthy fats) are great for the development of your baby.

Keeps you feeling fuller longer.

Aids in healthy digestion and elimination.

Great for your brain—and theirs so important in the third trimester!

Helps to stabilize your blood sugar

  • Fruit

Yes, I am going to mention it. If you’re craving something sweet, fruit will take care of that craving. It may not seem like it until after you’ve taken a bite and after that baby is born, you will likely thank yourself for eating fruit instead of….

Turning to sugar and processed foods depletes your immune system function and allows us to become vulnerable to whatever dis-ease we come into contact with.

Not only is fruit sweet, but full of fiber which can also help with healthy elimination.

Full of vitamin C!

  • Probiotics

Probiotics help keep our immune system strong by keeping a balance of healthy bacteria in our gut. This also helps with healthy elimination.

Yougurt and kefir are excellent sources of probiotics as well.

  • Salads/Greens

Load up on salads. I can’t say enough about greens! The roughage is great to keep you regular, not to mention all the different vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc you are getting.

Greens also provide a natural steady source of energy, unlike a short-lived caffeine high.

Try a green’s supplement to get the most benefits out of greens.

  • Protein

Protein is essential during pregnancy to help stabilize blood sugar levels for both you and your baby. These amino acids are essential to the development of your baby and help keep a healthy placenta and encourage healthy physical growth in the last month.

Be sure to consume healthy sources of protein such as:

Whole grains (as listed above)

Lean meats, preferably from grass fed animals

Salmon and anchovies

Eggs, free range



Dairy from grass fed and antiobiotic free animals

Nuts and seeds

Algae (seaweed)

Remember, whatever you eat your baby tastes through amniotic fluid. Prepare their taste buds for the healthy stuff now J


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