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Eating healthy at (PUB)licity Restaurant & Bar in Bellevue

On Tuesday night, Jan. 28, I was invited to a small pub in Bellevue, (PUB)licity Restaurant & Bar, to hear live jazz music (Newell & Sorrells). I was not expecting much in the way of food from a place that specializes in bourbon and beer, but felt like I should order something, so I asked for a menu.

January's special: the veggie patty can be used in place of the seasoned beef patty at  (PUB)licity Restaurant & Bar in Bellevue
© Kathryn E. Darden, (PUB)licity, Newell & Sorrells
(PUB)licity Restaurant & Bar in Bellevue, Tenn.
© Kathryn E. Darden. All rights reserved.

Imagine my surprise when I was handed a clipboard menu with a nice array of foods, many of them marked (v) for vegetarian. While not a vegetarian, I do like to eat healthy, so I was impressed by the variety on the menu. However, I don't eat dinner after 7 and this event started at 8:00 pm, so I settled for an inexpensive $4 house salad with water and a twist of lemon. I expected a small salad bowl with a few greens, a smattering of grated carrots and a cherry tomato on top.

Imagine my second surprise when it was possibly the best house salad I have ever eaten: fresh iceberg lettuce, a nice portion of fresh grated carrots, delicious little tomatoes slices, a yummy ranch dressing, crisp croutons and some grated cheese. Ok, so the croutons, ranch dressing and cheese weren't the healthiest things, but they were so tasty! The ripe tomatoes were cut into small slices and sprinkled liberally through the salad, not just the one or two cherry tomatoes on top you get with most house salads. Served in a large bowl, the portion was ample. For $4, it was impressive.

Much of the rest of the menu looked equally healthy: Mediterranean platter, veggie panini, veggie burger, spinach and goat cheese, and five different salads. You can check out high points from the food menu in the slideshow. And substituting water and a twist of lemon for almost any other beverage choice is a low-calorie, healthy choice.

If you live in or near the Bellevue area of Nashville, give (PUB)licity a try. You can definitely eat healthy here. You can find out more about (PUB)licity on Facebook.

Newell & Sorrells play classic blues and/or jazz every Tuesday night from 8-10 p.m. at (PUB)licity in Bellevue.

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