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Eating foods raw can be a healthy option

"Ah, what's up, Doc?"  Ever see Bugs Bunny eat cooked carrots?  Ever see Popeye plop out his spinach from its can and cook it?  Of course not.

What about animals in their natural habitat?  Do they find it necessary to boil, bake, or microwave their food?  No, they don't, and for good reason.

The process of cooking a raw food is like blow-drying your hair. You are altering its natural state to make it more pleasurable and "easy to digest," but in the process, making it less viable to yourself the way it was meant to be.

It may be hard to go to a grocery store and buy a few heads of broccoli with the intent of simply taking them out of the bag, washing them, then eating them.  Or, buying a raw onion knowing that you're not gonna grill it and throw it on your sandwich, but rather take a knife to it, brave the tears, and throw it on your sandwich.

Eating foods raw can generally be a way to sustain overall health better than eating foods cooked.  Obviously, unless you're a hardcore raw foodist, cooking at least some of your foods is unavoidable.  And, some research suggests that eating raw foods isn't as healthy as some think, but, other research shows that it is.  Practical wisdom would also tell you that eating a food in its raw and natural state is a healthier option for you than cooking it.



  • tgrad84 5 years ago

    Nice article! Very informative.

  • 5 years ago

    Nice job Jim

  • Tom G 5 years ago

    Great info. Well written

  • Charles B. 5 years ago

    This is a new idea for me--this eating my veggies raw! I would be willing to try it if the author would do a follow-up article on healthful and tasty condiments. To me some vegetables taste better cooked. But the increased nutritional value may be worth it--if I could enhance the flavor of the raw vegetables.

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