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Eating at McDonalds

In May of 2012 I wrote an article about the fast food restaurants in San Jose, CA. It was titled: San Jose's drive through fast food restaurants: are they healthy for kids?

Creating good choices when eating fast food
Huffington Post

I indicated in the article that "However, if this is a life style choice, choose fast food wisely. Each fast food company has placed nutritional information on their website of each meal on their menu. Explore individual sites for these companies in order to discover the benefits of knowing the choices you can make for kids."

Being a busy parent or working parent, there are choices you have to make on a daily bases. Sometimes that choice is a drive through restaurant.

McDonalds has taken time to offer the public a nutrition site, in order for parents to create the best choices for their families.

A science teacher proved my article to be fair and true, although at the time of publishing, I received very little response.

You can find a news clip here. Or watch the video attached to this article.

The science teacher in question lost weight after eating McDonald's food for a period of time. Remember, it's not where you eat, as much as it is, "what your choices are in the foods you eat."

Review my article from 2012 and be sure to review other websites of your favorite places to drive through.

Eat well, live well! Make great choices for a stress free nutritional meal for your kids.

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