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Every road trip story includes the discovery of a nifty local restaurant with savory food, a friendly staff and an atmosphere that begs you to linger. One of those stories could very well have included any number of mom-and-pop restaurants in Cypress, Texas.

Mary Leamons took action when she realized in 2008 that the economy had forced several small restaurants in her Cypress, Texas community to close their doors. Comments on the neighborhood Yahoo group were pretty standard … “That’s right by my house and I never knew it was there.” Mary realized that the high cost of advertising had kept those businesses from getting the exposure they needed to weather the storm, so she designed a community website that offered an inexpensive and creative marketing alternative to give remaining restaurant owners the boost they needed.

Other small businesses were equally devastated by the economic downturn. To meet their needs, Mary formed Go Local Advertising, LLC to encompass all of the marketing services that would be provided…web presence, coupons, signage, blogs, handouts, events, social media, the list goes on. In a typical advertising campaign, merchants pay for a certain number of mailouts or prints. Go Local Advertising, LLC utilizes every marketing method to drive traffic to each merchant.

*** The website includes a Service Directory that lists a variety of local merchants. Want to learn how to paint, dance like a star or make Cypress your home? Find the business that provides the service you need.
***The internet is open 24/7, so a quality website is imperative. Websites designed by Go Local Advertising, LLC are guaranteed to be effective.
***Go Local Advertising, LLC restaurant packages include menus and a website with trackable results. Offer coupons, take reservations and post events, which are easily navigated from your Smart Phone on the free mobile site.
***Local non-profits benefit from the Community Onion program. Combined participation of local businesses creates a large donation through money-saving offers and promotions presented in an exclusive booklet that’s distributed for free. Customers save money, merchants create business and non-profits and charities receive much needed support.

Cypress is now teaming with new construction and community growth. Mary’s personal “Go Local!” campaign is a distinct contributing factor in building strong local businesses that benefit everyone in their community. Cypress, Texas is one of Houston’s pocket communities that you definitely want to become acquainted with!

Mary Leamons


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