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Eat Yourself Skinny With This Inexpensive Vegetable

Radishes that were home grown
Radishes that were home grown
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Vegetables are usually the one thing we do not eat enough of. One of the reasons is that we tend to lean towards comfort foods and most of those are foods filled with starches and calories. Women over forty tend to put on a couple of extra pounds a year and have trouble trying to take the weight back off. By eating this little vegetable, you will not only be getting more nutrition, but also consuming very few calories. What vegetable are we talking about? Radishes!

Health Benefits of Eating Radishes

Radishes are a vegetable that we often overlook. It's a small red bulb that is packed with nutrition and health benefits. Did you know that one serving of radishes (one cup) contains only 19 calories? They are easy to grow in the garden or even in a container. Radishes take up very little room and by planting several days apart, will ensure you radishes for several weeks.

Radishes are mainly water and fiber. They do not contain any fat or cholesterol, which is important for those with high blood pressure and/or heart disease.

Radishes are jam packed with nutrients and vitamins. By eating just one serving of radishes per day, women will receive up to 29% of their daily requirement for vitamin C. They also contain a fair amount of vitamin B6 and the following nutrients: calcium, folate, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Radishes are high in glucosinolates, a compound containing sulfer that help to protect your cells from free radicals, which can turn into cancer. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant and helps to protect your body from heart diseases and preventing cancer. The high fiber content works with your body to prevent and protect your body from colon cancer.

Ways to Enjoy Radishes

Now that you know how healthy eating radishes can be, are you ready to include them in your diet? There are several ways you can enjoy eating radishes. I remember eating them for a snack when I was younger. I loved the mild heat from the vegetable. Little did I know that I was eating a vegetable and that it was actually good for me!

You can also include sliced radishes in a salad. This is a good way to add some flavor and spice to your salad. You can include radishes in just about any kind of salad except fruit salads. You may encounter a very odd taste if you tried to add to a fruit salad, but all other salads such as chicken salad, tuna salad, green salads, sensation salads, chef salads and the like are all good choices.

Another way to enjoy radishes is to roast them. According to Fat Burning Furnace, just slice up the radishes, brush with olive oil and a dash of salt before putting in the over on 459 degrees. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes and you will have radish chips to snack on.

Radishes can also be added to stir fry or lightly cooked on top of the stove in a dab of butter or margarine. Season to your individual taste.

Now that you have the "skinny" on radishes, add them to your diet and watch those inches melt away.

Note: This article was originally posted on Yahoo Voices and set to be removed on July 31, 2014 when Yahoo closes down the contributor network.

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