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Eat your liver

Refuses to give up the  fight.
Refuses to give up the fight.
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Every once in a while, my mother served liver for dinner. My father, a fan of this particular culinary delight, dove in with knife and fork leaving us kids in the dust. Typically, my sister and I turned our noses up at it while my mother said, "Eat it. It's good for you." She was my mother. She had the right to determine my meals. But, on those nights, I flexed the muscle of my Free Will and went to bed without any dinner.

A couple of years ago, Michelle Obama took it upon herself to dictate nutritional guidelines for school children across the country, and in essence insisted that schools serve liver, metaphorically speaking of course. And kids reacted in much the same way I did. They pick at those items on the tray they find palatable and throw the rest in the trash. Or, in a matter of speaking, they go to bed without any dinner.

Ironically, this is the result of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, a law sprung from the mind of Michelle Obama designed to make sure kids ate good, nutritional meals to fuel them up for a day of learning and activity. While well-intentioned, the guidelines failed to take into account the fact that every human being is blessed with the gift of Free Will. Parents, teachers, and cafeteria workers can all force a student to buy an unappetizing meal, but they can't force them to transfer that food from the tray to the stomach.

Now, lawmakers in Congress are looking for ways to allow school districts to opt out of the elitist, leftist program and construct their own menus for two reasons: first, kids don't eat these meals and go to class hungry; and second, schools are losing tremendous amounts of money on wasted food. In response, Michelle held a White House press event last week and said, "This is unacceptable!" In other words, "Eat your liver. It's good for you."

For a look at a sample menu from the USDA, click on I saw and ate many of these meals in a school cafeteria that previous to these guidelines provided tasty, well-balanced lunches. After the guidelines went into effect, the quality declined rapidly into the great abyss of the garbage can. Neither the students nor the teachers found whole wheat spaghetti, or whole wheat pizza very appetizing.

Yet, Michelle continues her battle-cry. "Eat your liver. It's good for you." This whole situation stems from the left's attitude that they know what's best for the rest of us. They see us as too feeble-minded to know what we want to eat, so they have to determine even that for us. Congress, do not back down. Refuse to give up any more power in determining our country's path. If you can't do it with school lunches, I wonder how you can take on anything more serious. Figure out how to let schools opt out. Give the power back to the people to decide. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a plate of liver to eat that you and we will find completely toxic to our republic.

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