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Eat what you like, wherever you like, and still be gorgeous with Den Tek

Eat what you like, wherever you like, and still be gorgeous with Den Tek
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

I must admit, when I'm at a formal occasion that's not necessarily centered around food, I've had to be very careful what I eat. After all, you can't count on anybody these days to tell you that you have spinach in your teeth before those camera phones come out. Now, my dad used to use toothpicks. You still see them at European restaurants, mostly . . . but who really wants to use them? My mom didn't even want my dad using them: "Must you? Really? Oh, for heaven's sake," she sigh.

So, now there's Den Tek to the rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience a few of their products.

Now, I'm not going to suggest that you use their floss picks in public, but I will say that they're great for putting in a suit jacket pocket or in a minaudiere. I used to be against floss picks, because other companies used too-thin floss and they were strung at not a good tension. I have veneered teeth and it takes a really quality floss to get in there. I really like Triple Clean for that. Fresh breath can be had with Fresh Clean -- though all the varieties have some mint -- and if you have sensitive gums, Comfort Clean is more your speed.

I had heard about tongue cleaners, but never used one. I didn't know if they hurt or something. Well, they don't and they get at the cause of bad breath! I have met people I should like, but if they had terrible breath, well . . . similarly, you probably can get away with a lot more in life if you have fresh breath.

Most people don't travel in the first class section of airlines, so they miss out on the amenity kits. For long haul travel, get yourself your own cute cosmetic case and put Den Tek's Brush + Floss travel kit in! It's even better than most airline amenity kits -- because it has the floss -- and who's to say you aren't just First Class all the way!