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Eat well to be well

Healthy food groups
Healthy food groups
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There's a 70 year old woman in Florida who looks at least 20 years younger. Not just born that way, either. She made herself that way starting around 27 years ago.

She eats raw fruits and vegetables. No animal meats or products. Decided to grow her own food in her hothouse garden at home. She also juices her fruits and vegetables, and collects rainwater to drink.

She does look amazing, full of energy and very active. 'I wake at no later than 5:30 in the morning.' Her husband, who has continued on a 'regular' diet throughout their entire marriage, is sometimes asked if she's his daughter, or even, granddaughter. The visual difference is stunning.

Her example is proof of several important aspects to living a healthy, enduring life.

She first had to change her mind. She had to commit to a major change in her diet. And she stuck with it. There was no turning back for her. She had personally reached her point of no return.

We, as baby boomers must also approach our health through what we eat and drink in a major way. We need to change how we think about what we eat and how much we eat. We may not need to take a 180 degree turn of mind and eating habits, but we need to accommodate some important change. Our portions of meals consumed could be reduced systematically. Eat more vegetables and fruits in lieu of pies, doughnuts and bagels.

We can drink more water everyday. Not necessarily catch your rainwater, but selecting a ph balancing water system that will clean up your tap water for more healthy water consumption. Take the time to make yourselves a healthy fruit shake. Invest in a blender, or juicer. And use them.

Eat more seeds and nuts for between meal snacks. Walnuts, almonds, raisins, and pistachios: less white enriched flour and refined sugar products; high fructose corn syrup food items.

Simple enough change to start and perform.

But the final important aspect of what that woman accomplished is what most people fall short on. We need the commitment to stick with the change. Start now, today and do it for a few weeks, then months, then a year or two and by then we will have a target of 20 to 30 years of healthy living to look forward to.

Make up our minds to change what we eat and drink. Create a sensible diet around vegetables and fruits as our main courses and most of all, persist in our plan with blinders on.

Let's see if we can also become examples of healthy bodies through healthy eating like that 70 year old woman in Florida.

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