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Eat Voodoo Pig Bread: It has goat cheese for funk

Chef Jay Pierce of Cary's Lucky 32 created Voodoo Pig Bread as his version of Stouffer's French Bread Pizza.
Chef Jay Pierce of Cary's Lucky 32 created Voodoo Pig Bread as his version of Stouffer's French Bread Pizza.
Courtesy of Lucky 32

When brunch calls for comfort food with a gourmet dollop, Cary’s Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen is a perfect choice.

It's Sunday and a girl is late for the theater (or hungover…or both) and she’s hungry. She stops into Lucky 32 on Tryon Road, despite memories of once going there for a very good date that had a very bad aftermath (but extra delicious dirty martinis).

What should she order? What will satisfy her grumbling tummy? What screams uptown downhome Southern cuisine? The best bet is to let the kitchen throw together some ciabatta bread, provolone, goat cheese, red onions, pulled pork, cilantro, eastern-style NC barbecue sauce, and the star of the plate…Voodoo Sauce.

The Bread

Voodoo Pig Bread is the creation of Chef Jay Pierce, who has built a seasonal menu from local staples that changes as the weather does, although his Voodoo Pig Bread is a menu mainstay.

“I was inspired to do a southern take on barbecue chicken pizza, that wasn’t really a pizza,” he said.

“So I set out to bring those flavors to my version of the Stouffer’s French Bread pizza. It’s got sweet and tangy sauce, smoky meat, gooey cheese, goat cheese for funk, and red onions and cilantro for mineral and herbal notes. Once you analyze it that way, it is a blatant rip-off of barbecue chicken pizza.”

The Sauce

The key ingredient is Pierce’s Voodoo Sauce, available by the bottle at the restaurant. Lucky 32’s website declares: “We call Voodoo Sauce a table sauce for grownups because we believe that it deserves to have a place next to salt and pepper at every meal.”

The sauce, which ignites the taste buds with hot sauce, vinegar, tomato paste, garlic, and other spices, has been a hit since Pierce concocted it in 2007. Lucky 32 promises it will "better your barbecue; spice your shrimp; dip your veggies with sass; sauce your chicken and glaze your fish; soak your steaks and slather your sliders; dunk your nuggets and punch up your hors d’oeuvres; spike your Bloody Marys and vinaigrettes; boost your burgers and kebabs; leverage your leftovers and top your takeout.”

And of course, give the menu’s Voodoo Pig Bread a delicious kick.

How popular is Pig Bread among Lucky 32 customers? “Tremendous,” said Pierce. “It was originally a featured item that we’d do once or twice a year, and folks clamored to have it year round, so we listened.”

The Meal

One visitor ordered it as an accompaniment to a delicious salad topped with fried oysters--a complementary thrill for the shellfish's juicy creaminess and the earthy greens. But what does Pierce suggest customers order with their Voodoo Pig Bread?

“I think the flavors go well with a side order of whipped sweet potatoes and a side of collard greens,” said Pierce. “Now that’s a meal!”

But Chef, let’s get down to business. If your bruncher is hungover, what do you suggest for a hair-of-the-dog complement to the Voodoo Pig Bread?

“You can’t beat the Purple Jay, a delectable cocktail in a mason jar that tastes like a cross between an Alabama Slammer and PJ Punch.”

Enjoy Lucky 32’s seasonal menu, but the Voodoo Pig Bread is available all day, every day.

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